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Ideal Protein

Toomey Chiropractic actively assists clients on their weight loss journey by employing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. This method follows a nutritional ketogenic protocol, emphasizing low fat, low carb, and adequate protein intake. We offer continuous support, including weekly coaching, comprehensive client education, and ongoing maintenance assistance.

The results we are about to share are not exceptions; they represent the standard for individuals who rigorously follow the Ideal Protein protocol. This data originates from a study of 20 clients: 10 men and 10 women, who faithfully adhered to the protocol for 8 weeks. Our clients' ages encompassed a wide range, with three individuals aged 25-39, seven between 40-50, seven between 51-60, and three aged 61-73.

Remarkably, men in our study achieved an impressive average weekly weight loss of 4.1 pounds. Women also demonstrated exceptional results, with an average weekly weight loss of 3.91 pounds. These findings strongly affirm the efficacy of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method when administered under our guidance.

At Toomey Chiropractic, we are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their weight loss objectives while promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our unwavering focus on the Ideal Protein protocol, coupled with our dedicated support system, consistently delivers positive outcomes, as clearly demonstrated by the data from our clients. Furthermore, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to guide numerous individuals on their path to healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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