Back Pain and Disc Injuries

If you're suffering from low back pain, we offer effective solutions. Dr. Toomey employs diverse techniques to alleviate your pain and expedite your return to regular activities.

One such technique, flexion-distraction, and spine decompression, works wonders. It heightens intervertebral disc space and realigns the spine, restoring proper physiological motion relationships in joints.

Flexion distraction is a proven, well-documented method for decompressing spinal nerves and treating low back pain resulting from joint injuries or various disc issues like herniations, bulging discs, or disc degeneration. This gentle, non-surgical approach supports the spine's proper healing and pain management. Moreover, it can be applied to cervical spine conditions (neck pain) as well.

In addition, we employ spinal manipulation techniques and perform spinal stabilization exercises. These exercises help to fortify injured soft tissues and reduce the risk of re-injury. Dr. Toomey tailors these interventions to your specific needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for your recovery.

Whether you're dealing with acute or chronic low back pain, our techniques are designed to provide relief and restore your mobility. Our goal is to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, so you can resume your daily activities without discomfort.

Don't let low back pain hold you back; our comprehensive approach to treatment will help you regain control over your life and well-being. We're here to help you every step of the way.

back pain

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